Spanish Classes

Extensive Spanish Courses

If you live in Barcelona and you want to have lessons once or twice a week, this is your option!

“Learning Spanish with Montse is a great experience. She structures the lessons according to your needs and gives homework that helps you to understand the concepts better. You progress quickly in a personal and relaxing environment. She really empathizes with your situation as well. I was able to attend the classes with my baby:) Thank you Montse."

— Gulbin, HP manager, Turkey.

Intensive Spanish Courses

If you come to Barcelona for holidays and you want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish, we can arrange an intensive course of 2-3 hour lessons per day during your holidays.

"I studied Spanish with Montse during the summer. I always looked forward to my lessons, because Montse is so warm and welcoming. She tailored our lessons to my particular needs and she was always prepared with activities and work for me to do on my own. She did a great job of including current popular music and literature for a variety of learning tools. It is easy to connect with Montse. She makes it possible to talk about life, books and work all in Spanish, which is what I came to her for in the first place."

— Avi, primary school teacher, EEUU.

Weekend Spanish Courses

If you don’t have time at week days  or you feel tired or stressed  for learning a new language after work… don’t worry, weekend lessons in a relax atmosphere is your option!

"When I moved to Barcelona my Spanish was very basic, I was able to order drinks, food, and ask for directions and I knew some words but found it very difficult to put proper sentences together! Clearly I needed to take classes, and knew I would get more out of private lessons and enjoy the flexibility of it.

I started off with Montse 4h per week. And soon enough I was able to cut that to 2h per week. I had a good and steady progress. Montse was confident I would be able to have a conversation after 6 months and that was the case! The classes were very good for me, she made me do all the talking. I felt relaxed and comfortable  even though I was making a lot of mistakes! I was making the same mistakes over and over again but she kept correcting me with a lot of patience!! Thanks to her I also discovered new little corners and places of Barcelona such as coffee shops and terraces. 

Montse is a lovely person, I would recommend her to anyone. It was for me a very good investment!"

— Laura, German-French, events manager.

"Hello, there, my name is Yannis and I currently live between Barcelona and London, where I work, so weekend lessons is the best option for me. My hectic schedule means that I have little time for Spanish lessons, but Monste has managed to keep me interested and motivated through her unique approach: flexible timings, fun environment, cultural insights you won't find in any textbook or school (Viva la Movida Madrilena - look it up!) and most importantly smart customisation of the course to my needs and interests! Highly recommended!"

 — Yannis, London, publicist.

Spanish Exams Preparation

I will help you to sit for the official DELE exams (April, May, July, October and November) for B1, B2, C1 y C2 levels.

"Las clases con Montse siempre fueron muy agradables. Mi objetivo era sacar una buena nota en el examen DELE y ganar más naturalidad al hablar español durante poco más de seis meses. Al final, logré las dos con mucho éxito. Me encantó la metodología de las clases, pues consigue que tú aprendas sin que sufras en las clases. No me podría imaginar algo mejor para estudiar español. Las actividades son muy ordenadas y tranquilas. Montse para mí es una profesora muy preparada tanto a nivel formativo como personal. Sabe identificar lo que tú necesitas, se adapta a tus necesidades y te asesora integralmente. Se esfuerza y se preocupa por ti. En resumen, es una excelente profesional, organizada y responsable. Sin dudas fue una gran experiencia y llevaré conmigo para siempre el aprendizaje. Echo de menos los tés y nuestras encantadoras conversaciones."  

— Vanesa, nutricionista, Brasil.

Spanish Lessons in companies

Do you want to use your break or lunch time to learn Spanish? I can go to your office! 

I received private spanish classes from Montse in 2015 and can confirm that Montse at Private Spanish Teacher in Barcelona is an excellent teacher. She is highly skilled and has great teaching techniques. I learned a lot from the sessions and I got good advices and tips on which areas I should focus on to improve and what types of books to read etc. I can recommend Montse and Private Spanish Teacher Barcelona to anyone who needs a good Spanish teacher.

- Magnus Director of Operations & Franchising i McDonald's ,Oslo, Norway

“Studying with Montse made learning Spanish a pleasure. She brings the language alive and, from the very beginning, makes communication the foundation of her lessons. Each lesson is a building block on the last, tackling the grammar head on, and then rewarding the efforts by demonstrating how it allows communication. Almost without realizing it, I found myself speaking Spanish, which gave me the confidence to take it outside of the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Montse and would recommend her highly.”

Patrick, CEO in WEC Barcelona.

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